ZCC ECLF MOU Signing Ceremony

On the 28th of March, a “Memorandum of Association” signing ceremony between the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) and the Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF), was held at the Main Street Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. Bishops, Reverends, Lay people, men, women, and young people assembled to witness this important occasion in the church. The main message was that as leaders, organisations and institutions, we are all called, collected, and sent out into the world to live and work together for justice, peace, and reconciliation as we are set free by God’s Grace. ECLF was represented by the Executive Director, Rev. Dr. S. S. Chisale, and the  Board Chairperson, Bishop D. Ndlovu, while  the ZCC was represented by the General Secretary, W. Dimingu.