20 September 2019


In a new Zimbabwe, in a new peaceful world, abductions, not to mention the abduction of a medical doctor, be it for demanding better working conditions or for any other reason, are an abomination that should only be possible as a subject of history and fairy stories. In a new peaceful world and a new Zimbabwe, professions of service to society should be guarded jealously by all, and adequately rewarded. This new world and new Zimbabwe is a realizable possibility. It only requires an unwavering commitment to a creative, participatory and peaceful resolution to any challenges faced at all levels.

The Voice of Peace is an on-going articulation of the vision of peace. It has its roots and is clearly articulated in the ministry and gospel of Jesus of Nazareth and in other religions. It is an underlying principle in human development goals and needs to be embraced by all Zimbabweans for the nation to progress.

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