A poultry project, started after the Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum’s community sensitization on Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolution and Transformation (CPMRT) workshop has transformed the lives of rural people in Chivi District.

The project, launched by the Chivi District Local Peace Committee in November 20I4, involves a group of 23 LPCs who are working from their respective wards. They have between 50 and I00 birds per ward and take turns to feed the chicks and clean fowl runs.

A total of 23 of the 32 wards in Chivi rural district, coordinated by the CDLPC are now benefiting from the project

District Focal Person (DFP) for Chivi, Virginia Chuchu, says that besides transforming the lives of rural peoples, the project also serves as a platform for discussion on developmental issues and conflict resolution among villagers

“Projects of this nature are critical. It is our hope that they will enhance the livelihood of villagers. We hope that this project will promote social skills and act as a platform for villagers to address and manage conflicts in their areas. The projects also center on learning and understanding the role of National Peace and Reconciliation Commission in promoting healing and reconciliation,” said Chuchu.

Chuchu believes that it is critical to give rural peoples the resources needed to enhance their financial status and their capacity to contribute effectively to development issues in their areas. This will hopefully help to prevent conflicts in society and discrimination against women

“Programmes like the one in Chivi are people-centred and go a long way in resolving issues like domestic violence. When LPCs have their own source of income, it enhances their status in society and gives them the capacity to mediate in issues affecting society,” said Chuchu

CDLPC Chairperson, Alfred Mawarire, says the poultry project had achieved much success in promoting peace in the district. He commended those villagers who have shown support for   LPCs as both villagers and LPCs now have the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that affect their society

“In the past, most of the LPCs now involved in the project had no source of income. This project has brought significant benefits. Presently our market is local, but we hope to access markets outside of Chivi in time to come,” said Mawarire

Taurai Musavengane one of the LPC chairpersons involved in the poultry project says projects of this nature should be expanded to assist a larger number of people

“This project has helped to transform the lives of rural people and it is our wish that it be expanded to help as many people as possible. We are happy that the poultry project is bringing together people from various backgrounds. This has helped to create a sense of unity among the villagers,” said Musavengana