Ward 5 and 6 in Kezi Matobo district community members have put aside their differences and come together and focused on community cohesion activities. Currently the two wards are working towards the construction of clinics. In 2014 ECLF embarked on a peacebuilding program in Kezi that has resulted in communities burying their social and political differences coming together and coexisting as one community.
ECLF recently paid a visit to the district with colleagues from the Episcopal Church of South Sudan to give them an opportunity to interact with some of the members that had gone through ECLF peacebuilding workshops.
It was during the community visit that the community members expressed appreciation of the intervention done by ECLF and took the opportunity to show the visitors the community cohesion project of building a clinic that they were undertaking.
“We usually invite pastors for funerals but this time they came around with their ECLF peace teachings and opened our hearts and minds. They have helped us to respect our leaders and respect one another despite our different political affiliations. We are now able to work together as you can see we have come together as a community and are constructing this clinic” said Taurai Dembo from Siganatsha ward 6.
Mr Pius Mlilo the ward 6 Councillor also mentioned how ECLF has helped the ward come together and work on developmental issues.
“As Sgangatsha we now know what development is and despite the economic situation the country is facing, we are at peace and through the peace trainings from ECLF we have understood that where there is peace there is development” he said.
ECLF has always reiterated that it is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to contribute towards the creation of a peaceful, just and democratic society by strengthening the capacity of the church, community and its leadership at all levels with peacebuilding skills. ECLF continues to conduct peacebuilding initiatives throughout Zimbabwe and have recently partnered with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan to embark on a peace building mission in South Sudan.