After years of walking excruciating 15km seeking health services the villagers for Mawanga ward in Mudzi have a reason to celebrate after their Local Peace Committee initiated the construction of Gwaze clinic after going through ECLF peace building training in 2015.
The community clinic project had been long standing but because of community conflicts the project had come to a halt. One of the community members Bernard Kasekete in the ward donated the piece of land for the construction clinic to bridge the difficulties being faced by the community in accessing healthcare service.
After the peace building workshop the community realised the need to come up with a project that would encourage interactions, combined energies together for community cohesion. The community identified the dormant clinic project and sought to resuscitate it, on site the community and the LPC has constructed a temporary 3 roomed structure as a start-up while the bigger clinic is being built. With various efforts from different stakeholders the community and LPC began the project.The strength of this project also lies in the ability of the LPC to link different stakeholders to work together in peace and development i.e Environment Africa was cited as very prominent in skills capacitation of the community in soap making, EFZ in construction of boreholes.
From the testimonials given by the community they appreciated the coming in of peace building knowledge as an empowerment tool for them to realise their capacities
The community is also engaged in Soap Making , bee keeping, Compassion care for elderly and impoverished with women spearheading this initiative which has also led to the formation of a Women’s Forum.