Organizational Development Plan

During the years following the formation of ECLF in 2008, the organization’s peacebuilding activities steadily gained widespread favorable reception, including by government, the security sector, community members, community leaders, political activists, ecumenical organisations and international organisations, suggesting that the contribution of the organisation was considered valuable among various and disparate groups in society. Unfortunately, despite the effective peacebuilding outreach by ECLF in a number of communities in Zimbabwe, violent conflict still rears its head at levels and in areas and milieus ECLF has not yet reached. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated matters. It is in light of these issues that ECLF seeks to further develop its program to reach levels, areas and milieus not yet reached. The new development will focus on:

• extents, areas and forms of communication and engagement internally and with society
• modes of collaboration, solidarity, and strategic alliances
• reflexivity and internal qualitative development 
• resource development
• improvement of quality of deliverables
• development of an active peace network

ECLF aims to transcend its identity as just an organization and be a peace movement.