At ECLF we have deliberately chosen to be a microcosm of that which we work towards for society at large. Four broad values guide the work climate at ECLF. These are namely, social cohesion, productivity, order and learning and innovation.

ECLF does not only seek to advance peace in individuals, communities, churches, organisations, and society as a whole, but also, and as a matter of priority, a peaceful ECLF itself. ECLF youth officer, Wandile Masuku, finds ECLF a highly positive space, with frank and highly engaged and engaging colleagues. For the Assistant Programmes Officer, Nigel Zhou, the ECLF workplace is a place of “brotherly and sisterly love”, while for his colleague, Shadreck Khanye, ECLF is a space of transparent, impartial and open-minded exchange of ideas.

ECLF employees are proud about their high performance, productivity and results-orientation. It is no surprise that the M&E Officer, Sukoluhle Ncube, is always keen on checking the intended end-result of every activity. The rest of the colleagues have come to share that passion for results. As a result, in its decade of peacebuilding work ECLF has reached hundreds of communities, sometimes traversing almost impassable terrain, with its flagship peacebuilding programme. Rev. Sikhalo Cele, the Programmes and Training Manager, reminiscences how through determination and much ingenuity highly politically tense situations were diffused, leading to the embracing of former enemies in reconciliation. ECLF staff are not just workers. They are also volunteers. For instance, Pamhidzai Thaka, the gender officer, and the Finance Assistant, Margaret Ndlovu, are reputed for being almost always busy, voluntarily doing ECLF work. Even after COVID-19 forced them to most work from home, ECLF staff have remained highly productive.

Another important value at ECLF is that of orderliness and compliance with standards. The ECLF team is not only conversant with various instruments, protocols, and international and national frameworks and standards but participates in drafting policies and plans in line with these national and international frameworks. ECLF is committed to on-going learning and innovation.  During our weekly gatherings we share experiences, ideas and new information relevant to our work. ECLF staff, interns and community volunteers invariable speak of ECLF as an organization that has taught them much that is valuable. The capacity for ECLF to have such impact ensues from its on-going learning and innovativeness.