ECLF mobilizes communities for Conflict Prevention Management and Resolution Transformation (CPMRT) sensitization sessions and community dialogue for the broader society coordinated by focal persons at district and Provincial level respectively. This CPMRT programme is the flagship peace building initiative that ECLF offers to communities, institutions and various stakeholders. This has been rolled out in all the ten provinces of Zimbabwe but in selected districts and sectors. After the sensitization especially at community level there has been a great demand for the work to be up scaled and this has resulted in communities establishing local peace committees (LPCs). These become the community peace infrastructures that continue to promote peaceful coexistence and begin to play a critical role in fostering peace and development in the communities.

As a faith-based organization the ECLF has in its central mandate to strengthen the capacities of the church at all levels with peace building skills. It therefore has set up a church liaison desk that spearheads tailor-made initiatives that deal with the Churches at various levels. At community level, the Pastors fraternities have been one platform used to engage church leaders on peacebuilding issues. At national level, ECLF works in partnerships with the church mother bodies that on peacebuilding issues. 

In response to emerging issues and broadening the scope of its peacebuilding initiative, ECLF opened two desks to address critical emergent issues. These are the gender desk and the youth desk.  The gender desk is a response to a realization that conflicts affect men and women differently. The impact of violence seem to be affecting women the most, hence the need to have gender lens in the work we do. 

The youths also are a critical constituency with various needs and aspirations that need special attention and focus. The setting up of the youth desk is therefore to ensure that youths are involved in peace building processes and that their aspirations are encapsulated at all levels. The results of the two desks are amazing in that women and youths have risen to play a role in peacebuilding.