Monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL)

Monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning MEAL is one of ECLF’s core competencies that is pivotal in the design and implementation of high impact programs and interventions. At ECLF this competency allows us to not only track the progress of programs, make adjustments and assess the outcomes, but also allows us to use this information to foster change within the organization and the broader programming system. 

Our commitment to operational and programmatic excellence demands continuous improvement in our ability to document, analyse and apply learning at the project, sector and agency levels, and to share our reflections with stakeholders, practitioners and policymakers.

Resultantly, ECLF has invested in an organization wide approach to monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning for all programming so that we improve our ability to:  

  • Use effective feedback mechanisms to ensure greater accountability to program beneficiaries and rights holders. 
  •  Systematically measure results, incorporate and document experiential learning
  • Optimize use of technology to improve the accuracy, timeliness and accessibility of monitoring and evaluation data
  •  Facilitate decisions based on evidence and learning
  • Share our learning with the broader development community and policymakers.

Monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning therefore offers us at ECLF opportunities to strengthen the quality of our programs and accountability to the people we serve, sharpen skills, deepen experience, innovate and lead sustainable peace building and development