As young as the tender age of eight (8), ECLF Is already grooming peace advocates in Mhondoro community through sports. Through its edutainment program, ECLF has managed to strengthen resilience especially among young people who typically face barriers to social integration for financial, social or geographical reasons and who are thus likely to become perpetrators of violence.
Mhondoro has a long history of political, domestic and religious conflicts that often end up in death cases.
These edutainment activities include among others, soccer tournaments such as the ones being held in Mhondoro, netball matches and various youth games. Sports unites people from different backgrounds and gets them engaged physically and emotionally as they push towards the goal to win the game.
“Our first ECLF soccer tournament held in 2013 and was at Mubayira. As the District Focal Person (DFP), I was happy with the way it was held and started marketing that idea to every corner of Mhondoro and the idea was welcomed. From there we have formed leagues and we now have five (5) teams from those leagues. Youths from different political parties are participating in the tournaments and it is a commendable initiative as they are no longer spending time involving themselves in conflicts”, said ECLF DFP Champion Musabayane.