Lately the ECLF Church Liaison Officer Bishop M. Khanye organised a field visit to the LPC Community Cohesion Projects in Mutoko and Mudzi districts. The participants were Bishops and stakeholders from two mother bodies mainly, Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) and Evangelical Church of Zimbabwe (EFZ), the Provincial Focal Person from Mashonaland East, the Lutheran Development Service (LDS), the Methodist Development Relief Agency (MEDRA), AFRO VISION for documentation, as well as the ECLF secretariat led by Bishop Em. Dr. Ambrose Moyo.

The objectives of the field visit were to expose the Bishops and stakeholders to the work of ECLF and its impact on the ground, as well as to engage church leaders in the development work of the communities.

During the first day, the 21 participants visited a new secondary school, a bridge, a clinic and a borehole in Mawanga ward, Mutoko, the Charehwa/Kawaza soap production project, a new community hall and another secondary school in Masarakufa ward, Mudzi, as well as a new clinic in ward C, Mutoko. These initiatives are done by communities on their own.

After some reflections on the second day, the participants claimed that they were very impressed about the success of ECLF’s work and concluded that there is need for more church leaders to take an active part in peacebuilding and development.

See more pictures of the field visit in our gallery.