From the 1st of June to the 3rd of June ECLF staff members gathered at Sethule lodge in Bulawayo to attend a workshop which was organized by the ECLF Gender officer in collaboration with the office of the Executive Director. This workshop came at a time when ECLF work had been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and affected its operation. It was therefore seen as critical to have a gendered response to COVID-19 with the staff members so that the staff will discuss issues affecting men and women during this period of COVID 19 at the workplace. 

The Objectives of the workshop were:

1. To build the capacity of ECLF staff so that they review their employment practices using a gender lens during and after lockdown. 

2. To remove negativity in work relationships 

3. To safeguard a positive environment at work

4. To understand ECLF Strategic thrust and programming during and after lockdown.

5. To understand ECLF Gendered response to COVID-19 crisis and identify critical areas which will help to maintain work place  free environment from gender based discrimination while responding to COVID-19 crisis.

6. To raise awareness of COVID-19 and update each other on latest issues about COVID-19 and impact on peacebuilding work

7. To understand ECLF risk mitigation measures

8. To understand ECLF M&E Framework during and after COVID-19 crisis

9. To discuss financial procedures in the context of COVID-19.

Expected Outcome  

Organizational Cohesion at ECLF especially during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Gender Story of Change

Gender workshop helped me to self- introspect. ECLF should continue their good work. 

To me COVID-19 did very well . I could spend more time with my husband and children, something that was no longer there due to his job demands.

As a couple the one thing I  learnt about ourselves and each other and each other during the sessions is the use of  I-Message. I used it  in my home and spoke to my husband about the need to have our own garden during the lockdown. I wanted fresh vegetables and was now afraid of buying from the market due to COVID-19. My husband is a Bishop but he took it very well and began to work in the garden and I do work also although I am physically challenged due to diabetes. I turned blind but my grandchildren helped me to water the garden and feel the vegetables around. I brought my sample of fresh vegetables I have harvested”.

This picture below shows one of the participants displaying fresh vegetables grown during lockdown.”