As the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission rolls out its’ nationwide Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) blitz, the ECLF is calling upon all Zimbabweans to go out in their numbers and exercise their democratic right by becoming registered voters.

To avoid being turned away from registering, ECLF is encouraging citizens to produce the required identity documents indicating that the holder is a Zimbabwean citizen and proof of residents.

Identity documents such as the metal ID, plastic ID, green waiting pass and a valid passport can be used and a document to prove residency may be in any of the following forms among others;

• title deeds or a certificate of occupation;

• a lodgers permit;

• utility bill i.e. rates, water, electricity, telephone or credit store statement on which is shown the applicant’s name and physical address;

• a written statement from the landlord, parent or friend of the applicant confirming that the applicant resides at the stated place of residence;

• a statement made by the head of a school, hospital or other public institution where the applicant resides confirming that he or she resides at the stated place of residence;

• a statement by the applicant’s employer confirming his or her address;

• a confirmation letter by the relevant village head, headman or Chief;

• a confirmation letter by farm owner or resettlement officer;

• an offer letter;

• a hospital bill or a clinic or hospital card or an envelope with post office markings reflecting the applicant’s address.

The documents that one can use to prove residency are many and are not only limited to only those that are prescribed. Part of Section 23(5) of the Act states that prescribing of such documents shall not preclude a person from proving his or her residence by other means.

Where one is unable to produce any of the listed documents, one can use an affidavit stating their place of residence and that affidavit shall also constitute proof of residence.

The ECLF also advises Zimbabwean citizens to approach some of the Bishops and Pastors who are registered Commissioners of Oaths to assist them in certifying their signed affidavits as proof of residents required for registration.

The mobile registration teams will be at different locations throughout the country during the blitz and is expected to end on 19th December 2017.