Just a few months ago pupils from ward 5 in Zaka had to walk a long distance to reach their primary school, even though there is a school that is much closer to their homes. However, they could not attend this school due to a river on the way, which they were not able to pass during rainy season.

In ward 20, children were not able to attend a secondary school, since the closest one was seven kms away from their community.

After ECLF has launched Local Peace Committees (LPCs) in those communities, people started to recognize that a better education for their children would be a benefit for everybody in the ward. Therefore, they started to engage in Community Cohesion Projects just one year after the first ECLF capacitation workshop. In ward 5 they are now constructing a 50 meter long bridge that enables vehicles and the children to pass the river and to get access to the closest primary school and shops. In ward 20 there are now two block buildings of a new secondary school under construction. Development is tangible in these communities.

ECLF is now serving as a platform for the LPCs to connect with LPCs from other communities, to get inspired by their projects and to share experiences.

For that purpose, ECLF organised a three-day practical learning and knowledge exchange visit for new LPCs from Zaka, Chivi, Kezi and Matobo. Besides learning about the efforts made by the different communities, the participants were trained in topics such as Needs Assessment and Project Cycle Management. During the second day, ECLF organised an excursion for all the participants to the bridge in ward 5 as well as to the secondary school in ward 20. For the other LPCs as well as for the facilitators it was impressive and motivating to see the achievements that have been made so far.

See more pictures of the exchange visit in our gallery.