Our Achievements

At the end of the year 2014, 60 LPCs had been established to strengthen the community level infrastructure for peace. During the programming period 2015, more LPCs were established by communities and a total of 88 LPCs’ capacity on peacebuilding and development was strengthened. The programme had a significant effect and visible changes in communities. The work did not end at activity level, but there are tangible results in communities below are few examples of how the outcomes were achieved because of the local community peacebuilding initiatives:

As a result of the work and the growing credibility of ECLF, the year 2015 also achieved the following results:

  • Increased visibility and credibility of ECLF resulted in other sectors and organizations requesting ECLF to help them build their capacity for conflict management and resolution, such as the Ministry of Local Government, Labor and Social Welfare, Culture Fund Trust of Zimbabwe, Chitungwiza Municipality among others.
  • Communities developed local structures and systems for dispute resolution referred to as Local Peace Committees (LPCs).
  • The police now refer some matters to the community peacebuilding structures for relationships building and community cohesion for example in Nkayi the police during mid-term evaluation reported that LPCs are now mediating conflicts that they refer to them which they feel cannot go to court.
  • LPCs who were established by communities for peace building engage in livelihoods and development issues. This reflects the community ownership of the programme, its effects, outcomes and sustainability.