Our Story

About Us

Our Story

The Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF) was formed in 2008 by a group of concerned Christian leaders from ecumenical bodies including the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC), Union of the Development of Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe and Africa (UDACIZA) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) who felt the need to reflect on and contribute to addressing issues of peace and nation building in a hurting and traumatized nation.


The Forum was subsequently registered as a Trust in August 2010. Since its formation, the Forum has focused on peace building through reconciliation and healing, good governance and accountability. The work of the Forum has evolved over time, being guided by strategic plans that were regularly reviewed and updated to align with changing context and operating environment for relevance and to draw lessons from past experiences.

About us


Our Mission

To contribute towards a peaceful, just, and democratic society by strengthening the capacity of the Church, community, and its leadership at all levels with peacebuilding skills.

Our Vision

A peaceful, just, and democratic society which values the dignity and sanctity of human life for all.


As ECLF we believe in the following core values and beliefs:

Peace |Truth |Justice          Tolerance |Accountability             Transparency |Inclusivity |Respect for Human Dignity.

Global Standards

We adhere and commit to other global standards for peace and human rights like “Do no harm” and the Core Humanitarian Standards through integrating these commitments into our policies, processes, and practices, to ensure that our humanitarian response is principled, accountable, and effective.