Board of Trustees

Meet the ECLF Board Member – Bishop Danisa Ndlovu

Bishop Danisa Ndlovu is a founder member of the Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum and is the current chair of the organisation’s Board of Trustees. He is also the current Global Director of FaithWalk Ministry International.

Bishop Ndlovu attended the first two years of his secondary education at Weneza Secondary School before enrolling at Ekuphileni Bible Institute to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Theology. After attaining the Advanced Diploma, he was able to complete his ordinary and advanced level studies with the Christian College of Southern Africa. He then did his undergraduate studies with Daystar College in Kenya and graduated cum-laude with a double major in Communications and Bible Studies. Bishop Ndlovu holds a Master of Arts in Bible Studies and a Master of Arts in Divinity and Theology with Ashland Seminary in Ohio, USA.

Bishop Ndlovu has served as a Bishop of the Brethren in Christ, as well as vice president of the Mennonite World Conference, and has also been a lecturer and Academic Dean at Ekuphileni Bible Institute. He has over the years also served the denomination in various capacities including as evangelist, youth leader, District Secretary and Conference Secretary. He has a vision of seeing Zimbabwe pursuing a life of peace.

Meet the ECLF Board Treasurer - Mr. Tinomuvonga Mhaka

Mr. Tinomuvonga Mhaka is a holder of a Master of Business Administration degree (NUST), a Bachelor of Commerce honours degree in Business Management (MSU), a certificate in Education (UZ), a Diploma in Credit Management (ICMZ) and several other in- house certificates on courses attended on management and communication skills. He is currently on part 3 of the LLB degree programme with UNISA and desires to add a legal flavour to his qualifications and experience by providing sound financial and legal advice on corporate governance issues.

He has a passion for advocacy work and the role of treasurer in ECLF will further expose him to issues of advocacy and peace building in our nation and the world at large. He is a devout christian, married with four children and believes in biblical approaches to peacebuilding, nationbuilding and conflict resolution. He strongly believes in the work of ECLF in peacebuilding, conflict resolution as a call from God to serve in the global village.


Rev C Chiromo (Baptist Convention)

Mrs. Christina Makusha (Catholic)

Bishop Dr. A. Moyo (Evangelical Lutheran Church)

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Executive Director

Meet the ECLF Board Members – Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda

Bishop Ishmael is a passionate theologian. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree majoring in Comprehensive Counselling and an honours degree majoring in Theological Ethics and Christian Leadership. He also holds a diploma in Environmental Control and in Advanced Christian Leadership as well as a certificate of competency in Mine Surveying. Currently he is studying towards a master of Theology in Ethics majoring in Christian Leadership in context.

He is a consecrated Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Central Zimbabwe, a Dean of the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa and chairs and is a tutor/examiner with the council of Theological Education by Extension College (ZIMTEEC). He also chairs the Midlands State University Chapel Committee. He is the current President of Zimbabwe Council of Churches as well as the Chair of the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations.

Bishop Mukuwanda has worked as a surveyor in various mines around Zimbabwe.

Meet the ECLF Board Members – Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi

Professor Marvellous Mhloyi is a distinguished scholar majoring in demography as well as Religious Studies. She holds a doctorate in Demography and a Master of Arts in Demography both of which were acquired through the University of Pennyslvania. She has a first degree in Teaching Sciences specialising in Geography for secondary schools as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Prof. Mhloyi is currently with the University of Zimbabwe lecturing under-graduate and post-graduate students on Demography. She is the founder of the Centre for Population Studies at the University of Zimbabwe.

She has written extensively on Population Dynamics, Fertility, Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health and Mortality, Sexuality and Family Dynamics, and Gender. Prof. Mhloyi is a member of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) as well as Union for African Population Sciences (UAPS).

She sits on various boards and is currently writing a book entitled “HIV/AIDS Interventions – The Missing Link”. Prof. Mhloyi is passionate about science and spends most of her time researching, designing HIV/AIDS interventions as well as attending church meetings, sharing the word of God, reading and writing, among other things.

She is the Bishop of The Revival United Church of Christ International in which she is now investing most of her time in addition to her lecturing and research responsibilities.